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Defending You against White Collar Crime Allegations

As early as possible after you learn that you are under investigation for a white collar crime, come to Trent Trani Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney for help. Our Denver white collar crime attorney has been fighting for the rights of the accused for 20 years, and in fact he began his career as a public defender, during which time he received special training not available to criminal attorneys in private practice. With such an extensive background of handling even the most challenging cases, Mr. Trani is prepared to fight to defend your reputation, your rights and your future.

We understand how much you have at stake in this situation. While they may not involve violence or drugs, white collar crimes are still taken just as seriously by the criminal justice system as are any other types of offenses. If you are convicted on the charges you face, you can be ordered to pay steep fines, and you may be sentenced to serve a lengthy sentence in county jail or in state or federal prison, followed by months or years on probation. Further, you may discover that the fact of having a white collar crime conviction on your criminal record will make it difficult or even impossible to find suitable employment.

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White collar crime allegations have the potential to ruin your career and to cause widespread disruption throughout your life. Whether you are accused of embezzlement, identity theft, fraud, money laundering or any other type of offense, contact us now. Ideally, you will retain our services while you are still under investigation, since we may still have time to intervene on your behalf with the authorities and resolve the situation without an arrest or filing of charges. Even if you have already been charged, you need to hire an attorney without delay, since you are at risk of saying or doing things that would incriminate you and make it more difficult to avoid a conviction.

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