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Enticement of a Child in Denver

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If you are facing sex crime allegations of enticement of a child, it is vital to get help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. The criminal penalties are severe, and conviction can have a negative impact on the rest of your life. Simply being accused of this crime can lead others to assume that you are guilty.

At Trent Trani Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney, we treat all of our clients with dignity and respect, and we believe that you are entitled to fair treatment under the law. When you hire us to take your case, you will have the benefit of a former public defender with more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense. Our founding attorney is Lead Counsel Rated and a member of the Colorado Bar Association Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. We have handled thousands of cases with a strong track record of success. A number of our cases have drawn national and local media attention. Go here to see some of our case results.

Enticement of a Child: Sex Crime Lawyer

Law enforcement agencies are aggressively cracking down on internet crimes involving children. They set up sting operations, where an officer will pose as a minor, with the goal of leading the suspect to the point of committing a crime. Whether you are the victim of false accusations, or you committed the crime, you can come to us for help. In your confidential consultation, you will have the opportunity to tell your side of the story without fear of self-incrimination or being judged. Call our office for a free consultation.

Special prosecutors are often assigned by the District Attorney's Office for crimes of this nature. They have exhaustive understanding of the laws that apply to sex crimes involving children, and the special purpose of taking action to ensure a conviction.

For your best chance of the positive outcome, you need a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who knows this area of law as well as they do, and is extremely capable at trial. Contact our firm.