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About Internet Criminal Activity

In years past, it was relatively easy for individuals to get away with committing crimes such as fraud, identity theft, luring of a child and the distribution or acquisition of child pornography on the internet. The World Wide Web was formerly a relatively anonymous environment in which a person could commit certain types of crimes with little or no fear of consequences. Now, internet activity is subject to intense scrutiny on the part of local, state and federal law enforcement.

From police officers charged with the task of catching pedophiles in sting operations by posing as minors willing to have sex with adults, to federal law enforcement operations monitoring the internet for signs of illegal activity, the web is now anything but a safe place to try to commit a crime. Unfortunately, the net cast by law enforcement often catches innocent people as well as criminals.

The relative anonymity of the internet is the factor that means that some people find themselves being investigated, arrested, charged and even punished for crimes that they did not commit. For example, it is sometimes found that a person will be arrested for sexual exploitation of a child statute when he or she mistakenly downloaded image or video files depicting child pornography, or when a computer virus caused such files to be downloaded. Similarly, another person may have used the suspect's computer.

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These are only some of the issues that come up in internet crime defense. It is also sometimes possible to fight internet crime charges by arguing that the defendant's Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure has been violated by a search without a warrant or probable cause.

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