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Nobody ever plans to be arrested and charged with a crime. When it happens, everything in your life can change in a moment. All of a sudden, you find yourself being booked and subsequently targeted for prosecution by the state. You may face consequences at work; you may be ostracized by the community; and perhaps even deserted by close friends and family members.

As soon as you contact our office, we can meet with you for a free, confidential consultation. We can even go to the jail for a meeting with a loved one who is still in custody. During this consultation, we will be happy to answer all of your questions about the situation, as well as to advise you of your rights and review your legal options.

Anything you say to us will be held in confidence by the protection of the attorney-client relationship. You cannot safely talk about the charges with anyone else, since statements you make could later end up being used as evidence against you in courtroom testimony. No matter what you tell us about your situation, we will not judge you. Our purpose is to fight to ensure that you receive fair treatment under law and are not subjected to unnecessarily harsh penalties that have the potential to ruin your future.

Speak with Nobody but Your Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

It would be nearly impossible to exaggerate the vital importance of saying nothing to the police. You have a constitutional right to remain silent, and you should at all times plead the Fifth - invoke your Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate yourself - by refusing to talk. For example, if you are pulled over and are being investigated for driving under the influence, the officer may ask you where you are coming from.

If you say that you are driving home from a restaurant, a party or a bar, this might provide the officer with reasonable suspicion that you may have been drinking. If you are being investigated for assault and say that when you hit someone in self-defense, you have admitted that you did hit the other person. If you had declined to answer the questions, the officer and prosecution would have had the burden of proving not only that you hit the other person but also that you were there in the first place. Don't take chances by talking with anyone but your attorney.

This can be an incredibly frustrating, stressful and even frightening situation, but fortunately it is not one that you have to handle on your own. Come to Trent Trani Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney for help from a Denver criminal defense lawyer who is ready to fight for you.

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