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DUI Defense Strategies in Denver

Aggressive DUI Defense in Denver

It is a serious matter to be charged with driving under the influence. The penalties can be severe, and a conviction on your record will have a negative impact on your future prospects. Being charged, however, does not necessarily mean you will be convicted of DUI.

You need an experienced DUI attorney in Denver to protect your rights and aggressively defend you. At M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C., we have the skills and dedication you need on your side. Our founding attorney is Lead Counsel Rated. He has been representing clients in criminal defense matters for more than 20 years, and he has successfully handled thousands of cases. There is not much that our lawyer has not dealt with in a court room.

Our firm believes that everyone is entitled to fair treatment under the law and we treat our clients with dignity and respect. We are committed to providing aggressive and compassionate representation and pursuing the best possible outcome in your case. You can get more information about us by reading some of our case results.

DUI Defense Strategies: Aggressive Advocate

Even if you failed the Breathalyzer test or the roadside field sobriety tests, there are still a number of effective defense strategies that we can employ to mitigate the legal consequences. To begin with, a police officer needs probable cause to pull you over. If the initial police stop was not done by the book, it could be grounds for a dismissal of your case. The same would apply if you were stopped at a DUI checkpoint that was not operated according to strict standards.

Field sobriety tests are not always performed correctly by police officers, and their accuracy can be challenged. Breathalyzer units can give false readings if not calibrated properly or the police officer may have administered the test improperly. If a blood sample was taken and the police or the lab did not handle the sample exactly as required – if they broke the chain of custody – the validity of the sample as evidence against you can be challenged. Our knowledgeable DUI attorney can thoroughly investigate and aggressively challenge any flaw or weakness in the prosecution's case.

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