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Possession with Intent to Distribute

Denver Drug Crime Attorney

As with all drug crime charges, accusations of possession with intent to distribute can come at a high cost. Individuals who are found in possession of a large amount of drugs may be suspected of intending to distribute. Officers may also come to this assumption when there is other drug paraphernalia present, such as measuring scales, baggies or large sums of money.

A charge for possession with intent to distribute can lead to harsh penalties, including the possibility of jail time, expensive fines and probation. The charges will be largely based on the amount and the type of drug found. If you have been charged for this or another crime, contacting a Denver criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is critical.

Under C.R.S. 18-18-405 possession with intent can be charged as a felony and even a first time offense can result in years behind bars. Being found with even a small amount of a Schedule II or Schedule I drug can lead to harsh penalties, while charges for possession with intent for marijuana will need to include a larger amount of the drug.

When you are charged, you want an attorney on your case as soon as possible. Contacting an attorney early on allows them to:

  • Start investigating
  • Defend you against police interrogations
  • Have more time to build a solid defense
  • Make sure your rights are being protected throughout the process

Aggressive Representation from our Denver Criminal Lawyer

Don't speak to the police until you have spoken to us. We offer aggressive representation and trustworthy guidance. Many people fail to understand how devastating a conviction can be. It can have a considerable impact on your life and it is our goal to prevent this from happening. Our firm provides a free consultation where our Denver drug crime lawyer can review your case. If you choose to work with us, we can provide immediate defense against your drug crime charges.