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Drug Possession Defense Strategies

You were arrested and the police officer found a bag of marijuana, cocaine or prescription painkillers in your backpack or car. Maybe they discovered the drugs during a raid on your home. However it happened, you know that the state now has evidence that you were in possession of drugs. The situation might appear hopeless to you, since after all they found the drugs on your person, in your vehicle or in your home. How could you possibly hope to beat the charges?

The fact is that it is very often possible to effectively challenge possession charges, but you need to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. The strategy may depend on pointing the fact that the police did not have a warrant or probable cause to believe that you had committed a crime, and that by searching you anyway they violated your Fourth Amendment right.

It may be necessary to assert that the drugs belonged to someone else, and that you were unaware that they were in your car. The key is to place the burden of proof on the prosecutor. Success in such a case, however, depends on having sufficient time to develop an effective strategy. Do not wait another moment before contacting us at Trent Trani Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney, P.C. for confidential consultation and to get started on the case.

Drug Possession Penalties in Colorado

The penalty you could receive if convicted of drug possession depends largely on the amount of drugs involved. If you are charged with simple possession of only a small quantity, you will likely face misdemeanor charges with a maximum sentence of one year in jail. In the event that you were caught with amounts greater than would normally be required for personal use, you might be charged with possession with intent to distribute, a felony offense. It is important to note that while marijuana has been legalized, it is only legal to possess up to an ounce.

To discuss your case and learn more about the sentence you could be facing, contact our office now.