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Drug Distribution Law in Denver, CO

Under the terms of Colorado Revised Statutes §18-18-405 (2012), "Unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, or sale," drug distribution is nearly always a felony. Among other things, this statute prohibits the knowing dispensation, sale and distribution of controlled substances. It is also unlawful to possess a controlled substance with the intent to dispense, sell or distribute the drug, or to conspire with one or more other persons to do so. If you have been arrested for drug distribution, you can be charged with a felony criminal offense.

The penalty for drug distribution depends on the specific type of drugs involved. Colorado state law assigns each type of drug to one of five different categories or schedules under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act of 1992. Drugs in higher-numbered schedules are considered to be more dangerous, more addictive and less useful for medical purposes, and crimes involving those drugs carry tougher penalties.

Distribution of a Schedule I drug such as marijuana, heroin or MDMA (Ecstasy), or a Schedule II drug including cocaine, methamphetamine, hydrocodone (Vicodin) or oxycodone (OxyContin), is charged as a Class 3 felony with a maximum sentence of $750,000 in fines and up to 12 years in prison. If you have previously been convicted of drug distribution in Colorado or any other state, the charge can be increased to a Class 2 felony, punishable by up to $1 million in fines and 24 years in prison.

Drug Crime Lawyer for Distribution Charges

Drug distribution and trafficking are the subject of intense scrutiny on the part of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. If you are under investigation or have been arrested, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. We can advise you of strategies to avoid further incriminating yourself, and will be ready to take immediate action to defend your rights and your freedom.

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