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More Research Emerging on Public Opinion of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

The Pew Research Center, a respected polling organization that conducts research on a variety of topics through numerous surveys, has recently released their latest data on the public opinion of same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court's ruling. The article (which can be seen in full at shows that while the majority of the public do not oppose same-sex marriages (~55%), only 48% of Americans hold the United States Supreme Court in a positive light.

What Does the Division Mean?

The data, which was collected between July 14th, 2015 and July 20th, 2015 and reached just over 2,000 adults, underlines the issue of states' rights that had so many opponents of the ruling concerned. While it is true that many people cried out over religious freedom violations, it would appear that more were actually upset over the Supreme Court's decision to override laws that individual states had already voted on and established. That could explain how same-sex marriage approval is notably higher than approval of the court itself.

Interestingly enough, this data has been released only weeks after several other surveys showed that favor of same-sex marriages was in sharp decline, some estimates down to 42%. Rather than a massive shift in opinion, the differences can likely be explained by the nature of surveys themselves. A considerably large sample size can be inaccurate when extrapolated to the rest of the country, or even to other areas of the same state. With that said, it is possible that future polls could show a change in these most recent results.

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