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Two Boulder Police Officers Resign Following DUI Charges

In two unrelated cases, police officers in Boulder, CO have chosen to resign after being charged with DUI instead of facing their termination. Officer Scott Morris, a detective with the Boulder Police Department, was charged with DUI in November of 2012. Officer Elizabeth Ward, the Boulder Police Department's DUI officer, faced charges in Adams County, CO, in December of 2012.

When Officer Ward was pulled over by a Thornton police officer, she blatantly pointed out that she was intoxicated. She reportedly struggled with standing up properly when asked to complete certain DUI roadside maneuvers.

Officer Morris was originally pulled over for speeding by a Boulder County Sheriff. According to the Sheriff, Morris was traveling 76 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone. He solicited the Sheriff for just a ticket, instead of having to perform the DUI roadside maneuvers, but reportedly obeyed the request when asked to do the DUI maneuvers a second time. He could not complete them successfully and was arrested on the grounds of DUI.

Criminal Charges Can Happen to Anyone

With the addition of these two cases, five Boulder police officers have resigned from their positions in 2012. One officer was charged with attempted murder, while two others were charged with nine counts for illegally shooting and disposing of elk.

It is no secret that getting charged with a DUI can happen to anybody, as evidenced by the cases above. These police officers lost not only their livelihoods, but much of their trusted reputation throughout the community. The risk of drunk driving is never worth it and getting caught is more common than you might think. Next time you're tempted to risk it, find another way home.