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Sex Assault on a Child

Of the criminal defense law firms that do take on sex crimes cases, very few have the experience or expertise to truly provide a client with the defense that they need. Trent Trani Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney is a firm that has the experience and the expertise to give you the best criminal defense possible. Our lawyers promises to aggressively defend against sex assault on a child charges, and to make sure that you get the best possible outcome.

The managing attorney for the firm, M. Trent Trani, has devoted his entire 14 year career to criminal defense. He brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to every case that he handles. During his time at the Colorado State Public Defender, Mr. Trani was required to go through highly specialized training for sex assault cases and trials. He demands this same level of experience and knowledge of any attorney with his firm who is assigned cases where the client is facing charges of serious felony matters that can literally change that client’s life. Sex crimes, sex assault on a child and rape charges all fall under that category. Over the years, Mr. Trani has represented many clients facing such charges and has faced almost every possible legal scenario that may arise. He has had a great amount of success at trial, and brings a compassionate voice and guidance to those situations where a client has admitted guilt.