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'Potty Peeper' Pleads Insanity, Psychiatric Evaluation To Push Back Trial Date

Earlier this week Luke Chrisco, A.K.A the potty peeper, plead not guilty by reason of insanity despite the prosecutions accusations of stalling tactics. Arrested in the summer of 2011, Chrisco informed Boulder and University of Colorado Police that he hid in crawl spaces and restrooms in and around Boulder with the sole purpose of watching women use the bathroom.

Originally, Chrisco entered a plea of not guilty on eight counts of second-degree felony burglary and two counts of misdemeanor of unlawful sexual contact and criminal invasion. But when Chrisco switch defense attorneys and Matt Connell assumed control of the case he filed a motion to change the plea on Feb. 1st.

Cornell has stated that his client was unaware that his actions were illegal at the time, and has stated he has experts willing to testify to that. Chrisco’s trial was to begin on March 11th, but has been postponed while he undergoes an evaluation at the Mental Health Institute in Pueblo.

A hearing has been sent for May 20th, 2013, falling almost two years since his arrest.